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Default Re: I have an amazing idea

Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
Exactly. This is called "survival of the fittest."
Humans are too ethical, too "humane," to do this. We get guilty thinking about how and why we were "chosen" to have a better life. "Why them and not me?"

It'll never happen in a million years, unless the human race suddenly becomes indifferent towards other humans.....

Have you ever read "The White Man's Burden." ? It's horribly racist, but it's kind of the essence of why humans help other humans in need. We feel its our "Duty."

But dude, you should try that your idea, it seems fun. and that playforchange video was awesome! the tambourine player was rockin!!! those rolls were smoooooooooooooooooooooth.

Oh and you should learn to love the female voice. I sure do.
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