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Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
I like the Red Sox chances this year again, I think Tampa will come back down to earth and finish 3rd or 4th in the AL East. I love this time of year. Most people who don't get Baseball never will, most have to grow up with it to really appreciate it. I do wish it was more competitive though like the NFL is, maybe someday the Royals and Pirates will actually have a shot but I won't hold my breath. GO SOX!
They'll need a cap to make it more competitive. Not necessarily a salary cap, but a team spending cap, kind of like the NFL.

Big market teams like the Yanks, Angels and Red Sox with the big budgets POTENTIALLY can get all the best players (though it seems to not always work out for the best as the Yankees have shown and just MIGHT show again this year).

It would make for more competition throughout the teams.
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