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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

Come on, Guz! Don't knock what you can't understand, man.

Just cause NPs' lyrics seem to be "over the head" of some, like those idiots at Blunder", doesn't mean that they're bad lyrics.

I mean come on! :-| You have "The Trees", Closer to the Heart", "Xanadu", "Something for Nothing", "Cinderella Man", "Red Barchetta", "A Farewell to Kings", "Vital Signs", "Subdivisions", etc...

I could go on and on listing songs writin' by NP that have meaning, understanding, and terrific content.
The keys to death and hell
The ailing kingdom doomed to fail
The bonds of sin and heart will break
The pilgrims course will take

Quelling the devils might
And ready for eternal fight
Aching limbs and fainting soul
Holy battles take their toll

Liberty and hope divine
Changing the water into wine
So to you we bid farewell
Kingdom of heaven to hell

Spirit holy life eternal
Raise me up take me home
Pilgrim sunrise pagan sunset
Onward journey begun

To courage find and gracious will
Deliver good from ill
Clean the water clean our guilt
With us do what you will

Then will my judge appear
Bear no false angel that I hear
For only then I will confess
To my eternal hell
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