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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by rritter View Post
I'll Start
My 81 Slingerlands

Originally Posted by mapexdrummer4life_08 View Post
Here's mine

Originally Posted by baz View Post
...being the shameless drum porn contributer that I am,

Here once again is wankasaurus rex.

these are my two combined kits. Specs are 24x16, 18x16, 12x8, 13x9,14x14,15x13,16x16, 14x6 maple, and 14x6 edge snares.

Cymbals are 21"wil Calhoun, 14" Manhattan hats, 14" el sabor hats, 18" fast china, 18" el Sabor, 18" hhxtreme, 18" legacy, 18" hh medium, 18"aaxplosion crashes.

I set this up just after Christmas, and took it down shortly after. I am not a big kit kat. This was just an excercise in 80's wankery.

Originally Posted by Drumsword View Post
This is the Kit I had 4 years ago. Though it was scaled down shortly after this was taken and onlky once played in it's entirety, lol. Basically I used the 3 bass drums, 5 toms and 2 snares.

Pictured here, we have. 2, 22X30 kick drums, a 22X14 kick and a 28X14 Kick. 8 toms, 2 snares, an array of percussion and maybe 14 cymbals?

The other pic is one of my current sets, the 7 piece Gretsch.
Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Yamaha MCANs ( Embossed Silver lacquer ) with mostly Zild ACs & Ks...

Attachment 24949
Originally Posted by genericdrummingusername View Post
Well, I don't consider it a monster (yet), but the accent snare on the pedal makes it 7.
Originally Posted by lordmarco View Post
I finally just pieced this kit together. I have had the snare for over 2 years, but finally saved enough money to buy the toms/kicks and have been slowly putting it all together....playing drums costs too much hehe

This custom kit is made by PRECISION DRUMS (out of new york)
Snare: 6X12
Toms: 8X12, 9X13, 10X14, 16X16
Kicks: 18X22

Originally Posted by rjvsmb View Post
Nice. What are the specs and what rack are you using?

Holy smokes! Are washing tow full loads of whites in your bass drums?
Originally Posted by slingerland755 View Post
Attachment 24961 I would never drag this kit on the road, but it's fun to put together.
Originally Posted by rmandelbaum View Post
I still have to paint mine
Originally Posted by jer View Post
Originally Posted by lo0n View Post
here's mine, but I don't consider it a monster ;)

Originally Posted by nacdrummer3 View Post
Here is mine. Old picture though. I have taken away the three roto toms on the right. moved the one black tom on the right to the left in between my first floor and second rack tom and cranked the tuning on it. Ive also added a bass drum and an additional snare on the right.
Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
I guess my kit is fairly big.....

Originally Posted by fusssion View Post
Maybe it should be 8 pieces and up guys .....ya think?

Sweet, especially that PDP.
I also play Bass.
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