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Default Re: Audition on thursday!

Well the audition went well. The drummer I will be replacing is a very nice guy, we had fun doing the audition.
Funny story: I sent him a youtube video of me playing the worship song Kadosh with a band. The groove I was playing is based on a groove I heard him playing with that same song two years ago. So when I came in we got started with a cup of coffee first, and he mentioned the youtube video I linked him to: "I like the groove you were playing at Kadosh!" So I said: "...yeah, I can imagine, I stole that from you." :D

That youtube video is here, by the way. The quality is horrible and the vocals sound like crap somehow (they didn't at the gig itself, I promise). But you can hear the groove.

Anyway, he had me break out some grooves first and then play a couple of songs (with and without a backingtrack). He seemed pretty impressed, said he liked the power of my sound. He gave me some very useful tips on my playing, mentioning some very subtle flaws and sharing some things he learned in his experience of worship leading.

At the end he said I could go home "with a good feeling about the audition". Whether I will get the spot also depends on the other people they will get (there will be auditions for guitar, bass, keys, vocals etc. over the next two weeks); of course the new band as a whole needs to fit in with each other. He said he'd call me when the other auditions were over. But I am pretty sure I got the spot.

I will let you know as soon as I know.
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