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Originally Posted by LeeLovesSabian View Post
The bass drums in the beginning of hot for teacher are amazing.
Alex is good, i just don't like the fact that he uses ride cymbal bells all the time (it sounds like it). Unique style though, I like his work with the bass drum; like in poundcake.
It's the old story of how its done. I think it's toms in the beginning and then the shuffle added. I'm not sure though.
I actually like the way he used his ride bell and how he rides the crash. I think he has been pretty creative w/the bell of his ride. In a few tunes (one on Diver Down;forget the name) he plays the bass drum straight and lets the ride bell do all the talking along w/Eddies guitar. Very cool IMO.
Also w/the bass drum thing, a song that comes to mind is Girl Gone Bad. Its got a Bonham feel to it. A lot of cool fills in there too.

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