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Default KITBUILDER-check this out if you don't know of it.

Hey, I'm not to sure if someone already posted about this but I thought I might share this with those of who may not have already seen it. It's called KITBUILDER and I found it on the DW site.

Basically it's a little Flash thingy where you can design a kit. It's pretty fun, I like it alot(it's always fun to indulge also). For those of you who don't like DW, it should still be pretty cool to check out. I found it interesting and wanted to share with you guys. Sorry if you think it's stupid(or if I'm the last one to find out about this) or something but cheers to those who found it interesting like me! haha.
Here's one I designed just so you can see what it looks like. (Ignore all the various windows around it...I had to take a screenshot of my monitor =P)

Sure I'd probably never deserve a kit like this, but it's all in good fun ^_^

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