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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum
For the record, Signals was the 1st Rush album I ever bought when I was 12, so I got into them during the synth phase, and then worked my way backwards until I was rocking out to the 1st album.
Yeah I did the same thing started with synths and worked my way back.....

Grace Under Pressure was the first CD I bought from them back in '84....maybe thats why I'm such a fan of the synth era cause Signals, GUP, Hold Your Fire, and Power Windows were in constant play mode on my stereo at that time....

But I can see how people who grew up on the rawer stuff especially 2112 all think after Moving Pictures Rush went downhill....

For me I knew Test For Echo was going in a direction where the appeal wasn't the same....except for One Little Victory Vapor Trails just wasn't doing it for me....

But I have about 16 choices to listen too even thou I'm not feeling any of their new stuff anymore....thats pretty good!
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