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Default Re: best cites to live in for finding band members

honestly from my experience, the best place is the mid-west. specifically southern illinois (thats where i'm from). you don't hear of alot of acts getting signed out of there because they all move to like chicago or cali and end up falling apart shortly after. but 4 out of every 5 people play some type of instrument. and 1 out of every one of those 4 are incredibly talented. the sheer volume of musicians you can find there is mind boggling. the only problem is, so many musicians, not very many singers or good songwriters.

so yeah, so. ill. for the musicians, somewhere else for the singer.

on a counter note, the absolute WORST place to find band members is upstate new york. there are seriously no good musicians up there. you can only find cover bands. and the good musicians you can find there, are in the military stationed at fort drum and don't stick around there very long.
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