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After many years of thinking that drumming was all about chops and technique I recently had an epiphany last year. I watched the Who at the Isle of Wight dvd a year ago and it was like the heavens opened up and Bonham cracked me over the head with a holy drumstick. I now see that the most important aspect of playing music is the passion that one plays with in whatever style one plays. Bonham was one of these along with Moon and Starr. Thats not to say that all the other drummers that I grew up with didnt play with passion, its just to say that for me, those 3 drummers have rekindled the fire in me to approach drumming in a way that I didnt have before... With passion. This might be a bit off topic but if it wasnt for Bonham and others from the early stages of rock then alot of use would never wake up and smell the roses. I guess that those that have posted replies where they speak of their opinions as though everyone see things they way they do drove me to post my thoughts. Those people should think more and type less.

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