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Default Re: Losing invaluable work

Originally Posted by spides666 View Post
My god 805 tears would not be the word, and a techie saying that over the phone, I'd have to physically be there to tell someone to do that. I've worked in IT for over ten years and touch wood I've been pretty lucky

One nightmare I had was in the UK I backed up an old laptop, about 20gb worth onto several DVD's. Checked each one, yep all good............

Fly like ten thousand miles away to live in Aus, nothing on the DVD's!!!! I lost the lot, they had data somewhere as could tell from the bottom but they wouldn't open!!!!


JVC Everio, one thing I don't like about this camera is storing into a MOD format, so to edit in Premiere Pro CS3 (my weapon of choice) I have to convert it. Plus Premiere Pro didn't see the JVC camera so had to capture elsewhere and then I had audio synch issues in Premiere

ha ha sorry going off topic
After I realized all the clips were gone, I called Apple again, and in desperation, demanded compensation. They sent me a $50, limited-edition iPod video case (probably the coolest case EVER), which, sadly/ironically, someone stole from my locker last year, along with the iPod that was in it.

And yeah, I HATE the stupid MODs on JVC Everio. The backup program I'm using now to recover the videos recognizes the MODs--it can even save some of them to my computer. The problem is, my video converter, Visual Hub (best program ever) doesn't recognize them because they're not the same MODs they once were.
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