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Default Re: New Lamb of God album--thoughts?

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post
Sigh. I thought I made it clear that I was only giving my opinion--you're more than welcome to yours. And just because mine differs from yours, doesn't mean I'm silly.

"Redneck" and its accompanying video suck, are terrible, juvenile and creatively barren, especially compared to their other work, and are an obvious attempt for a great metal band to cash in for more mainstream success while also mimicking another great band's signature sound. Boom--that's my opinion. Since I started the thread, I think I'm entitled to it :)

Sorry, everyone, but musical taste can never be objective. I'm more than welcome to my opinion, and I highly doubt I'm the only person who thinks "Redneck" sucks.

And since when are the only two video choices a metal band has are trashing a kid's party and playing in a warehouse?
No no, you're going about this 'opinion' thing all wrong.

'"Redneck" and its accompanying video suck...', you see, this seems more like a fact being stated than an opinion. In fact, the only thing that negated that paragraph being stated as gospel was "boom--that's my opinion". You're entitled to your own opinion, sure, but don't put it in such a "my horse is higher than yours" way.
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