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4. BE A GENTLEMAN! Don't ask her to do something that would get this thread closed. I think you know what I'm talking about.
Hey, would you like to join drummerworld and start a pollitical / religious debate in the Drummers Anxiety thread for me? That would be great...

I too am better at sitting down behind a kit and breaking out a groove than talking to a girl out of nowhere.
I have the most amazing girlfriend, we got hooked up by mutual friends who sent us on a blind date but we got in touch before the date. The first time we spoke was over IM, which is easy since I am not nervous then... after IM we got to the stage of one-hour phone calls, and then came the date which was a double date with afforementioned mutual friends who had been dating for a while at that time... so it's been really easy for me so far.
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