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Default Re: Losing invaluable work

unfortunately I think losing data is something we all go thru and hopefully learn from it. I'm a computer tech and I always tell people it doesn't matter what make your computer is, what it cost or if you built it yourself using handpicked parts...DON'T TRUST IT!!!

Backing up is boring and tedious but not to do it is asking for trouble. I keep my personal data on my hard drive but also on an external drive, 2 places are better than one. Remember, external hard drives are still hard drives and subject to failure. I have over 2000 CD's and they're all ripped to a hard drive which I use to play music and you can bet your butt that I had that drive backed up to an external drive, and I only turn that drive on when making backups. No need for it to be running all the time.

Retrieving lost data can be time consuming and even expensive of you can't do it yourself. Make backing up your data a regular procedure. You surely WON'T regret it!
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