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Default Re: Losing invaluable work

The ipod loss has happened to me. I had loaded 6,000 songs, and then plugged it into a new pc. I didn't even think to check that itunes default setting was "synch" which means my ipod was synchronized to a blank library.

The worst loss, however was a *massive* database I had on 390 people in one of my squadrons. This young IT/administrative person (kind of a goth/wicca chick) was placed in charge of a data migration. She was relocating to a new base soon, so she didn't care, and her supervisor was brain dead.

She proceeded in nuking 6 months of hard work and another 6 months of tweaking to an access database. everything was corrupted beyond repair and we had to start from scratch. Her brain-dead hog of a supervisor didn't have the intelligence to put her on administrative hold and have her reload the database. That priveledge, was left back to us. Wehn I say reload, I mean manual re-entry of all data for 390 people.
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