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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by Disco Stu View Post
This thread is a mess.

PEOPLE! As beautiful as Derek's kit is, I don't need to see the same 7 pictures of it posted 5 TIMES on the same page! When you quote picture posts, how about removing the pics from it? Or at least removing all but the first pic?

And it's 2009, and people STILL haven't figured out how to resize photos??? How about making them a reasonable size so they don't take so long to load, and so people don't have to scroll left and right, up and down to see the full pics? Yes, I am looking at the top of this page.

End rant.
I swear, I would laugh SO HARD if someone quoted every single post on this thread, and as a response said "sweet."
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