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Default Audition on thursday!

Hey everyone,

Next thursday I am going to audition for the Dutch IFES-band. IFES stands for International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, and being in that band means going to their conferences (4 per year, most of them a weekend long, one of them 5 days) and playing during worship, at day openings etc. Their current drummer is absolutely great, I've seen him perform at two of these conferences, totalling about 5 hours of playing time (rough estimate) and his performance was entirely flawless. So I've got some Big shoes to Phil if I am hired. If I make it that means I'll be that band's drummer for the next two years to come. It doesn't pay, but all the expenses are covered and it's a very valuable learning experience. And playing these conferences rocks! Drumming to a couple hundred (anywhere between 250 and 600 people will attend) people is always great.

I am auditioning in the private studio of the current drummer, who is most definitely a better drummer than myself. I tend to get nervous when a better drummer than myself watches me. I'm gonna listen to a metronome all the way to the audition (2hr journey) so my timing is rock solid.

There is one other drummer auditioning for that band (someone who has the nerve to apply for MY future job!! ;-) ), so I have a little competition.

Wish me luck!
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