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Default Re: New Lamb of God album--thoughts?

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post
Not exactly, in my opinion. Sacrament to me is when they started with the Southern touches (certain guitar bends, the occasional blues note, etc.) at least that I thought were noticeable. The McD/BK analogy is really funny but is a little broader than what I was saying :) And hey, if you're into the Southern/blues touches that they're doing, that's cool. I'm really happy that people are buying and enjoying their albums because they deserve the success.

Amen! I agree 1000%. Even if you don't view that song as a black eye on the album like I do, you gotta admit it's at least a black sheep. It was pretty misleading as a single since it's not indicative of anything else on the CD, or anything in their catalog for that matter. That album as a whole is excellent, as is Wrath. I hope not too many people heard "Redneck" as their first LoG song (the video is even more retarded and lame--"a metal band at a little kid's b-day party--that's so BRUTAL!") and wrote the band off as a Pantera clone/nu-metal act.

But hey, it did get them a Grammy nomination and is paying their bills. So good on 'em--just don't do it again :)
Hey i thought the video was great. I mean what did you want them to do, stand around and play infront of a couple of cameras in a dank old abandoned leaky warehouse like all the other metal songs in the whole world? And i don't know what you hate so much about southern influences, just because pantera did them doesn't mean other people can't do them as well. I mean what if people had said "ohh we can't do pinch harmonics/c tuning/guitar harmonised solos because that's already been done by ANOTHER BAND!"
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