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Default Re: Drummers Anxiety...

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Congrats sk8erpnkmt369

That's good news that you nabbed a girl that you feel is amazing and you have had your eye on.

In response to your question the only answer I can give is that you are more than likely more experienced with drumming compared to girls and relationships. With drumming you are more comfortable while the dating scene and girls are still somewhat of a mystery and nerveracking... probabaly much like your first gig was.

In time the nerves will settle... hopefully.
Thanks man!

But yes, that is a great comparison, my first gig made me crazy. I was so nervous and curious to see the reaction.

I think we've all been there.

but you're absolutely right, I'm so much more comfortable with playing drums than talking to girls.
"Are you with the band?"

"Nah I'm the drummer"
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