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All I want to say is Travis was my introduction to the drumset. Ever since I was little I've known I've wanted to play music. It was the power rangers theme song that gave me that idea (isn't that just an awesome theme song?). But it wasn't until around the 7th grade where I started listening to Blink and just automatically picked travis out from the mix. The dude totally went above and beyond the call of duty for his genre without making it too far fetched to distract you, and it so worked.

And now I'll be playing with my band and just totally doing work on the drums and, if we decided to do live recording of the practice, I will be listening to it realizing how much of an inspiration he was and is on me. I can literally pick out a snare bass drum lead-up and say, "wow, that's so travis barker."

Whether or not you think he's over-rated he has been a HUGE inspiration to so many drummers.

And I know what you guys are thinking....

... and yes, when I heard blink was back I DID in fact cry.
"Are you with the band?"

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