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i'm not going to debate whether he is a great drummer or not because as that has been stated, it's all a matter of opinion. fact of the matter is; his hands are very fast, he's very good with his footwork, and he is also very good at throwing accents and stuff into a song to break up the monotany that is typically associated with punk or pop-punk music.

if you want to compare him, then compare him to other drummers of his genre. he's famous because he goes above and beyond the basics. 95% of punk and pop punk drummers don't even attempt to vary from the gospel double time (as it relates to punk). and with the remaining 5%, he takes the cake. sure everybody can play a fast beat, vids are all over youtube of gerald heyward, dave weckl, vinnie coluta (i grossley misspelled that) doing this beat, but everyone else didn't get famous from doing it. he did. which goes to say something.
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