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Default Re: Would it not be cool if...

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I don't know if being blind or not would have any real effect on the parts played. Drumming is more inspired from the heart and mind, than from any visual or non-visual contexts. When Stevie Wonder recorded his keyboard and drum parts, they were certainly inspired, but weren't any better or worse for his being blind than a studio musician would have done if he read the same music that Stevie dictated/played for transcription.

There are other physicalities that could be even more detrimental to a drummer, such as Rik Allen (Def Leppard) having one arm, who still plays the parts of a two-armed drummer. And going back a few years, Sandy Nelson lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, but you'd never know it by the way the played. Moulty, the drummer for The Barbarians ('60s band) had a hook for a hand (they didn't have lifelike prosthetics then) and still managed to hold a stick.


I didn't know that about any of those drummers, and didn't really know that about Stevie Wonder. He's a great musician and singer. I love his music. I want to look up some of those drummers I am curious. But it is true that the drums are mostly if not all of it is inspired from the heart and mind; that is where you get most the ideas...not just by hearing. Thanks for the list of drummers Bermuda =]

Originally Posted by darkstar442 View Post
yes it would be kind of cool but there would be many downfalls. i was jaming with my friend and i wrote a few songs for guitar and drums and he spaces off and he is like he is blind and we didnt get through one song

Ha, that's funny. I think it is good to be free and space out some times, but not when you are kinda jaming with some one else. If the guitar dude would be spacing out, I would get physically tired of playing (I've done it before) because of kinda the fast temp of the beat, and funky groove. Maybe that's just me finding out that I might just be out of shape, but it has happened.
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