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Default Pearl Session Studio kit

Hi all! I'm writing this thread to let you all know what my kit is going to consist of (i'm very proud of it lol) and to see if anyone has any suggestions for me, or answers to my questions. I am serving in Iraq currently so I won't get to actually see my new babies until the end of May, but good god i can't wait! So here goes:

Drums: Pearl Session Studio
(i don't remember the depths exactly, i'll post those after i get home; i got a killer deal on this set from a buddy of mine before we left, he paid like 4 grand for them, i paid 1500 and got them and the rack, even better is from what i understand they don't make these drums anymore but they sound amazing!)
8"/10"/12" mounted toms on a Pearl rack
16"/18" floor toms
22" kick
standard 5 1/2" x 14 snare

Also got a Pearl Firecracker snare 10" x 5"; and a Pearl Picollo snare 3" x 13"

Tama Iron Cobra double pedal; DW 9000 HH Remote; DW 9500TB HH Stand

The rest of the hardware is quite the jumble of different manufacturers. But on to the cymbals!

A series:
13" Mastersound hats
14" New Beat hats
21" Sweet Ride
20" Swisher Ride
17" Medium crash
14" Fast Crash

A Custom:
6"/8"10"/12" splashes
16" medium crash
19" crash ( i actually bought this on accident, meant to get K Custom)

K Custom:
16" Special Dry Crash

Z Custom:
16"/18" Medium-Thin crashes

AAX 16" Crash
APX 16" Ozone Crash
Carmine Apprice 17" Devestation China

15"/17" Paiste 2002 crashes

I also got a 3 bell cowbell, a studio percussion pack, and I'm currently trying to figure out which mics to get for it.

So that about wraps it up. I'm not 100% sure what heads i'm going to get. I'm debating between Evans batter heads and Remo Coated Ambassadors on top. Then on the bottom i already have the Remo Black ambassadors (minus the snares) but i'm thinking about getting either an evans clear head or some other clear head with good reviews. rockin the pork pie drum throne (a must) and Vic Firth 5AL Ringo Starr series sticks. The extra 1 1/2" length really makes a difference, absolutely love these sticks.

I'm open to any and all suggestions, words of wisdom, advice from people that own any of this gear on what to expect, anything basically. Let me know what you guys think! I have thick skin lol.

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