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Default Re: custom guitar...

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Millions? No. The guitar World is deeply conservative about the designs that most users buy. I mean - I play a Stratocaster, the fundamental design of which hasn't changed since 1954. Occasionally a company comes onto the market with a 'new' design, but many of them don't last long. Dean, Ibanez and BC Rich (as well as Parker) make non-conventional designs, but the overall sales of these guitars are relatively small compared to the likes of Fender, Gibson and PRS; all of which make more traditional designs.

It would be relatively hard to make - the hardware would be easy (single humbucker design - piece of proverbial). The main difficulty would be getting the finish right. Lots of layers of lacquer right there. Would take a good artist a while.
Ok, never mind that! I guess only rich metalheads would buy it...
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