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Default Re: Would it not be cool if...

Originally Posted by secondXheartbeat View Post
Stevie Wonder played drums.
Yeah...Stevie could play ANYTHING. He'd do entire tracks by himself (can't think of the album that he recorded and played all instruments on now).

It's well known that a disability in one of your senses will make the rest more sensitive. Blind folks are known to have much more keen hearing, touch, smell, etc.

It's not a bad idea every now and then to at least take your eyes off of your drums while you're playing and maybe look forward at the band/audience or somewhere else in the room while you're practicing. I'm pulling my face out of the drums more now and it's definitely more relaxing for me.

When I'm not looking INTO my drums I'm worried less about the details and I'm more able to just play and "feel" the phrases that I want to pull out of the drums. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense.
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