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Default Re: Would it not be cool if...

Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
Plus you could probably have more creative ideas because you have more sensitive hearing than usual and such.
I don't know if being blind or not would have any real effect on the parts played. Drumming is more inspired from the heart and mind, than from any visual or non-visual contexts. When Stevie Wonder recorded his keyboard and drum parts, they were certainly inspired, but weren't any better or worse for his being blind than a studio musician would have done if he read the same music that Stevie dictated/played for transcription.

There are other physicalities that could be even more detrimental to a drummer, such as Rik Allen (Def Leppard) having one arm, who still plays the parts of a two-armed drummer. And going back a few years, Sandy Nelson lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, but you'd never know it by the way the played. Moulty, the drummer for The Barbarians ('60s band) had a hook for a hand (they didn't have lifelike prosthetics then) and still managed to hold a stick.

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