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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

I have two monster.
Each is a very special kit in its own right.
First up is the one of 25, Five Star Kits.
Mine was played by Thomas Lang and Steve Smith!
I put my Zebrawood stave on the Sonor Five Star...nice matching grain and gold hardware.
I call the whole thing Tribal Weapon, and it has 10 pieces.

I have the Sonor Signatures that was the personal kit of the road drummer for the Monkees!
Its now with the Dunnett Titanium and the Spirit of 2002 and call the whole thing Heavy Metal
It has a red wrap Phonic Plus floor tom I will put Bubinga Veneer inside and out and that will make it look better. The rest are all Signature Heavy shells...which just got larger as you will see below. Its my birthday and I got a present. A 18" floor tom. The two year wait is over!

It is now a 11 piece Signature kit, with a 18x18 ft riding on a gong drum position....LOVE IT.

I gave the 3003 SE 12 piece to my son. I kept the Starman Reso from this kit for my Signature kit.

Zebrawood Stave by SMD drums

Spirit of 2002 6.5X14

A man has to set priorities.

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