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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I feel I should interject on behalf of us Cubase users...

Cubase has always worked fine for me. I spent over a year trying to get a pleasant sound out of Logic Pro 7.2 and I never managed to get anything satisfactory. My workflow only improved after I went back to cubase.

I am running it on a mac at the moment, but I have had plenty of decent experience on PCs as well. There are actually many aspects of Cubase that are more intuitive than Logic, as anyone who's tried to get the Environment organised in Logic 7 may be able to symphathise with.

Just thought I should put across an alternative point of view, as the discussion here seems to be against the use of Cubase 100%! I think perhaps a few bad experiences have prejudiced you against what is actually quite a nice little program.
I have cubase, I haven't loaded it on the imac, just the function-resistant Sony Viao pc. I can assume it was something proprietary (hardware) in the Sony, but in the meantime I still have a long way to go with garage band, and getting the right sound out of my kit.

The jury is still out in terms of audix d6. I am thinking for my purposes the shure beta would have gotten a better low end from my kick drum.

I digress: Cubase isn't really for someone totally fresh in the area of recording. Garage band is much easier to assimilate for newbies. When I am ready to advance, I will install CUbase 4 Le and press on.
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