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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
Referring to older efforts. I don't see S&A as radically different from vapor trails, certainly not the paradigm shift that Signals represented from the preceding era.
I'd agree. And perhaps, it wouldn't matter if not for all the press claiming S&A was going to be a big shift in sound. Overall, it seems a continuation from Vapor Trails and Test for Echos.

Not that I think S&A was bad, just I didn't hear this big difference that I read I was going to hear. And when compared to the back catalog, S&A is very much in line with the last few albums.

My only issue with VT is all the songs were all around the same tempo, and as an album, it all sort of sounded the same song to song, even though there were some good songs on the album.

S&A has more variety in tempos and feels, but still, the overall vibe from song to song seems to be the same. Gone are the long musical adventures of the late 70s, gone is the mix of heaviness, gone is the experimentation. Everything is just a bit mellow, I don't want to say bland, but almost like they've gone adult contemporary prog.

Still, I've seen them every tour since 86. The S&A shows were amazing. I just don't buy Rush albums expecting to be blown away anymore.
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