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Default Re: New Lamb of God album--thoughts?

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post

Amen! I agree 1000%. Even if you don't view that song as a black eye on the album like I do, you gotta admit it's at least a black sheep. It was pretty misleading as a single since it's not indicative of anything else on the CD, or anything in their catalog for that matter. That album as a whole is excellent, as is Wrath. I hope not too many people heard "Redneck" as their first LoG song (the video is even more retarded and lame--"a metal band at a little kid's b-day party--that's so BRUTAL!") and wrote the band off as a Pantera clone/nu-metal act.

But hey, it did get them a Grammy nomination and is paying their bills. So good on 'em--just don't do it again :)
It was my first Lamb of God song, it actually braught me onto them, not repelled. The music video was fitting, it's supposed to be odd like that. The mom thinks their an all good catholic band and they are brutally supprised when they show up.

And, that and Black Label are my two favorite songs. I hope they keep up songs like that.

Death Metal will live forever
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