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Hey Y'all. I was flippin' through channels last night and came upon some band on PBS called "Back Door Slam", and was wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of them?

They're a 3-piece blues/rock band from Britain. It consists of:

Dave Knowles - Guitar and vocals
Adam Jones - Bass
Ross Doyle - Drums

I watched about 3 songs and was pretty impressed with their sound. Knowles' guitar sound and technique reminds me of SRV. And his vocals are a cross between SRV and John Mayer. He's actually VERY talented guitarist. I'm quite impressed.

Jones' bass sound is crisp and clean with a very rich tone. Not the most "flashy" bassist I've ever seen, but is certainly a capable player with a great sound.

Ross Doyles' drums are routed right to the groove and offer a simple but effective beat, similar to Chris Layton of SRV fame.

I would even say that they're Britains' answer to SRV and Double Trouble. No matter how late.

They are also quite young. So they may not be very well known as of yet. But they are definitely a band to watch. Very Cool!

Anybody know more about them?
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