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Default Re: New Lamb of God album--thoughts?

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post
Here's mine anyway. I got it this weekend. Before hearing Wrath my favorite LoG album was Ashes of the Wake. Afterwards...well, it still is Ashes of the Wake. Ashes really has the best production values of any metal album I've heard--the sound of the album in addition to the performance is just pristine.

Wrath isn't bad by any means. I would say that it's even a marginal improvement over Sacrament. I was surprised and impressed to hear a couple blastbeats from Adler thrown in there. And it's a very tight guitar chunkfest too.

The best thing is that there's nothing as embarrassing as "Redneck" on there. The bad thing is that they're still trying to put some Southern sounding guitar work on there. I don't like it. There is (was) already one Pantera--we don't need another one when LoG sounds so good on their own.
Lamb of God has always had a slight southern touch on their records. I personally think it gives their music a lot more distinction. Saying we don't need another Pantera is like saying, "I hate Burger King and how they put cheese on their burgers, we don't need another McDonalds."

And personally I really liked the aggression found on Wrath but I still think Sacrament was their strongest release. The production creates such a dark, ominous atmosphere, and Adler in my opinion is at his best on Sacrament.

But I do agree that "Redneck" blatantly stood out as a "Let's try to get on the MTV2 rotation" single, especially in comparison to the rest of Sacrament.

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