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Default Re: Would it not be cool if...

With all due respect, I couldn't disagree more. While I realize that when you close your eyes you free up considerable brain power that was being used for vision, allowing you to become more creative and less inhibited, it's a bad habit to get in to (my opinion) On stage, you need all your wits and seeing everything is key to that. I remember attending open mics where the guitar player was trying to point out accents to the drummer, and the drummers eyes were closed, he was lost in his own mind, and he looked like a smacked *** for not being aware. (No I wasn't the drummer ha ha) You can anticipate pauses in a soloists solo if you watch them close, you can make eye contact with the crowd (it looks good to be bright eyed and engaged in the situation), but mostly you don't want to miss any visual communications with your fellow musicians. It looks good when people play with and off one another instead of being in their own world. In the zone of the groove, I like to focus on a visual point at least 10 feet straight in front of me when I play. It gives my ears a larger perspective and it's easier for me to hear the net effect of the entire band as opposed to "my drum part" When I solo, I'll close my eyes, I'm still working on that part, you tend to go into your own world when you close your eyes, not a good thing generally.
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