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i have to say that for me lars was a great inspiration in his time. its easy to judge him in this decade and put him and metallica down. i think their last few albums sucked and have left me very disappointed. but the albums up to and including the black album were great. there was that power and super chops. double bass drumming was introduced to south africa through metallica. enter sand man is a wonderful song to cover. it is a great pity that this band peaked so long ago now; and have been scrabbling for success ever since. at one time i would have said that lars was at the top of his game but based on their recent works i would say there are a lot of drummers who could stand in front of him. a warning to all of us confident drinkers. to rank as highly as some folks put him i would like to have seen some skill progression from the man. his personal development was rocket like from a teenager to the making of the black album and then he just wallowed. i hope i always get better as time goes on.

perhaps he should try playing some jazz?

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