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Default Re: Cruefest 2 announcement

Very nice!

I have seen the Crue on every tour they have done (including a TFFL show at the Whiskey in L.A.). Motley Crue is one of the only bands out there that still put on BIG rock shows. They sure don't skimp on props, pyro and mayhem. You definately get your bang for your buck at a Crue show and then some.

This is going to be really neat to hear the entire Dr. Feelgood album live. It's going to be great to hear Sticky Sweet, Slice Of Your Pie and She Goes Down live again after 20 years. They haven't played those songs live since 89-90 on the Feelgood Tour. Wow, we are getting old.. lol.

Thanks for the update Wolfmoon. Good looking out.
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