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Oh, and...

btw, Ghost Rider and Vapor Trails SHOULD evoke the same images due to the fact the book and the lyrics were penned during the same time of Neils' healing process after losing his daughter THEN his wife ten months later. :-(

It was all the similar emotional struggle he was experiencing while trying to continue with two of his life-passions...writing non-fiction and putting lyrics on paper for song.

Also, I highly recommend Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. A fabulous memoir of tragedy, grief, healing and hope.

Awesome read!
Yes, I have read all of his books, I know his history. That was the "unimaginable tragedy" I mentioned. But the concept is universal for picking yourself up again, and getting on your feet.

I have a couple rush biographies as well. I was shocked to see Rolling Stone finally interviewed them. And Stephen Colbert is obviously a big rush fan, seems how they appeared on his show exclusively.

Neil claimed that vapor trails (lyrically) wasn't personal, but that's too transparent given the parallels to his book.

I wish he still played Ludwig.
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