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Now you know I'm gonna chime in a little here about S&A. S&A is hardly forgettable...FORGETTABLE???? Wow! Never would expect to here that said about S&A.

I love The Larger Bowl, TMMB, TWTWB,BF,GNF, MN, and We Hold On is, imo, Superb!

Also, the bass drum part in A & S is sweet! The off-beat drum line in Faithless is cool. The hard rock beat of FC is memorable.

And Hope is a great acoustic number. Alex is awesome on this one.

But forgettable?? That is WAY too harsh of a description, trkdrmr. But if that's how you be it.

Not that this rebuttal is a surprise. ;-)
Again, no band is perfect. Not every album any band does is a total monster. Calling "HYF" so-so is an equally undeserved slam.

The reflection of Rush tunes that don't sound catchy to me is not a critique of the musicianship or drumming. It just reflects that I have yet to drive around town and have anything from S&A stick in my head like other Rush material. I have tried concentrated listening, background listening and S&A slides off me like teflon. I just can't get into it from any perspective that I try, the material just doesn't grab me.

Meanwhile, "Fly by Night" and "freewill" are songs that are cemented into memory, masterpieces that they are. I am starting this week practicing vintage Rush on the kit starting with fly by night.
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