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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
Fixed, and I agree with this sentiment. :)

Side one

1. "Force Ten" (lyrics: Peart, Pye Dubois) – 4:31--SUPERB
2. "Time Stand Still" – 5:09--SUPERB
3. "Open Secrets" – 5:38--VERY GOOD
4. "Second Nature" – 4:36--VERY GOOD
5. "Prime Mover" – 5:19--VERY GOOD

[edit] Side two

1. "Lock and Key" – 5:09--VERY GOOD
2. "Mission" – 5:16--VERY GOOD
3. "Turn the Page" – 4:55--VERY GOOD
4. "Tai Shan" – 4:15--SUPERB
5. "High Water" – 5:33--VERY GOOD.

DAMN great album!

Snakes and arrows OTOH (of course this is IMO...)
1. "Far Cry" - 5:18--good, but mostly memorable for the reverb effects
2. "Armor and Sword" - 6:40- so-so
3. "Workin' Them Angels" - 4:46-so-so
4. "The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)" - 4:04- very good
5. "Spindrift" - 5:23- so-so
6. "The Main Monkey Business" - 6:00- very good
7. "The Way the Wind Blows" - 6:28-so-so
8. "Hope" - 2:01-so-so
9. "Faithless" - 5:30-so-so
10. "Bravest Face" - 5:11-so-so
11. "Good News First" - 4:50-so-so
12. "Malignant Narcissism" - 2:15-good
13. "We Hold On" - 4:11-so-so

Overall, nothing *really* sticks with me like past Rush. In fact, "One little victory" sticks with me more than anything on this album. Another word for "so-so" is "forgettable" and for me, S&A really is forgettable as a whole.
Now you know I'm gonna chime in a little here about S&A. S&A is hardly forgettable...FORGETTABLE???? Wow! Never would expect to here that said about S&A.

I love The Larger Bowl, TMMB, TWTWB,BF,GNF, MN, and We Hold On is, imo, Superb!

Also, the bass drum part in A & S is sweet! The off-beat drum line in Faithless is cool. The hard rock beat of FC is memorable.

And Hope is a great acoustic number. Alex is awesome on this one.

But forgettable?? That is WAY too harsh of a description, trkdrmr. But if that's how you be it.

Not that this rebuttal is a surprise. ;-)
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