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Wow, I love how this thread's going! I'm here to post solo number 6 on the countdown towards Neil's best solo, but first I'll comment briefly on what's been mentioned here lately.

I definitely love Counterparts. Neil was at the top of his game at that point before experimenting more heavily with the traditional grip and what not. (Double Agent? I mean, c'mon, who plays drums like that? Just sick!)

Other albums I love which for some reason seem to be underrated are Caress of Steel (The Necromancer and The Fountain of Lamneth are just great songs), and Signals, which I think is actually one of Alex's best albums (although the guitar may have been recorded a little low). And of course, Neil excels in all of these.

I've posted number 6 on the countdown towards Neil's best solo:

Neil Peart's Solos Ranked - Number 6

Let us know what you think! Number 5 should be posted soon.
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