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Originally Posted by Guillermo View Post
Radiohead will go down in history as one of the all time great bands.
In my opinion, they were the LAST GREAT band to come out... Phil's sound and parts always fit the concept of the records... even more challenging, freeform effects driven stuff from later albums.

If I had a dream gig, it would be that.
Definetely agree with that. I love Radiohead. I'm listening to In Rainbows as I type this. This one gets better each time I hear it.

My opinion on Phil Selway is mixed though. Mostly I think he plays perfect for Radiohead, is dead on and really nails the spirit of the songs. However, sometimes I wish he would do a little more. Not sure what, just change it up a bit, whatever. Maybe add a little more personality to his playing. He does come up with some pretty original beats sometimes, and most other times seems to just play it straight.

Maybe he just gets the Ringo treatment. He plays in a great original band and may get pushed to the background a bit.

I'm really not ripping here though. I did drive 5 hours just to see these guys since they never play Detroit. It was totally worth it and Phil never missed a beat, but c'mon Radiohead. Show the D some love.
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