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I've been a Neil fan since 1982, but I've only seen Rush 5 times (a mere smidgeon compared to some of you folks). However, as much as I love Neil and the band, I sure do miss the Permanent Waves, Hemispheres, Moving Pictures days. To me, that was when the guys were really in their prime. Don't get me wrong...I've enjoyed many albums since then, but those semi-earlier albums were something special.
There was a grittiness to that era. Compare the sound of permanent waves of fly by night to the overdone (IMO) vapor trails. There is more edge, and more bite. I am also a huge fan of the underrated era from signals through Test for echo.

I think when all is said and done, the most slam comes from the 1st era. I was just listening to xm/sirius Rush deep cuts. They played everything from "lakeside park" to "Xanadu." The 1st era for me was the more primal in terms of both energy and visceral impact.
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