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Default Mick Tucker

I'd like to know why Mick Tucker seems to be one of the forgotten greats? He was such an awesome talent and I find it sad that no one seems to know who he was. Sadly he passed away with little to no fanfare in 2002. I hope this thread will lead people to at least check out what they missed out on. Most only know Ballroom Blitz but that's just alittle taste of what he did. I have nothing to gain by this, I'd just like to see him get some long over due respect. IMO he should be right up there with Bonham, Mitchell, Paice and all the other great British drummers who came out in the late '60's and early "70's. Check out the Sweet on YouTube or Whereever you can find their music, get past their early bubblegum stuff and check out how they evolved into an amazing band. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy Mick Tucker and the Sweet as much as I do.
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