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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I miss him greatly. I don't think anybody here has stepped up to his mantle - which is not a slight at anybody; just a level upon which only few can stand.
Yeah, I have to agree.

Back then, this forum possessed a great deal of spiritual and intellectual depth. That's not a slight towards current posters, merely an aside to signify a different kind of conversational direction. During that era people waxed eloquently on any number of subjects, while usually conjuring a way to relate those constructs to music in general and drumming in particular.

Three years ago, I remember how exciting it was to come here for no other reason than to be challenged, not always by the ideas themselves but by the process. I grew so much back then without ever picking up a drumstick. You arrived to a thread with a direction in mind. You didn't ramble or there was hell to pay. Most significantly, you cleaned up your writing because it was understood that words meant something. There was none of that It's just the Internet garbage back then, and you were proud to meet those expectations.

Finn was definitely the one spearheading all that.
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