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Originally Posted by Zumba_Zumba View Post
I know this was your opinion and I do respect it (as should everyone here on the best drumming website ever). What defines drumming as having soul? What is "soul" to you? I'm just asking for clarification from not only you but other members who continuously whip this type of comment out to describe Neil and others without any sort of backup. So I guess I need an education. And please read this as a friendly request, I really am asking this question politely to avoid any feuds which can safely take place over the internet. I'm sure there is a "search" function here that I can use but I want to hear about it now.
One word: Bonham.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
'Soul' to me is hearing the person through the music. The technique of the playing is irrelevant. If I listen to 'Interstellar Space' by John Coltrane - I hear a lot of notes, but I also hear John Coltrane. If I listen to a lot of technically demanding drumming I don't often hear a person making a statement there, I just hear a lot of technically demanding drumming. Almost invariably I like music because I'm hearing people, not notes.
Keith Moon was the best at that. There's no denying that, from a techniqure point of view, that Neil is a lot better than Keith was...It's just...I can't explain (no pun intended)

And I don't think I've really given Rush a proper chance. Maybe later, when get un-addicted to the NWOBHM...If that ever happens :-P
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