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With all that has gone on in this thread over the past few days I feel compelled to share a story.

I was 17 years old at the time and was watching A Show of Hands. My great-aunt Bernice was walking by and saw the enormous drumset and asked, "Who is that? He sure has a lot of drums." I felt like this was a good opportunity to share my belief at the time: "That's Neil "Pert" and he is the best drummer in the world." Without hesitation she scoffed and replied, "Well I'm sure Buddy Rich would have something to say about that." I was floored as I sort of knew who BR was. At first I was thinking, "whatever, Neil would destroy that old man." But I took the high road and let her have her opinion. It was okay to accept that Neil was possibly not the best in some people's minds. I think the people who try to "slam" him are actually and honestly looking for a reason why people love him so much. What is it about Neil's drumming that is so exciting? Or it could be that people just feel like slamming a hero. It is just human nature to let someone have it when they mash your favorite things under their feet (safely behind their computer I might add). So all in all, it is okay if people have different thoughts and if they seem like they are coming to a thread that is supposed to give kudos to an individual only to "slam" them try to believe most of them are only offering a challenge that can be backed up quite well. It is hard though, you just want to reach through the screen and cut off their air supply. But remember that this is a discussion forum and if we respond with anger, no good is gained.
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