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mine is originally sort of nerdy with a tech' twist. MANY years ago I was playing Scrabble, had the letter 'x', and used it to spell 'xi'. While that is a letter of the Greek alphabet of course, it is also the name of a subatomic particle, which makes it a legit word for Scrabble. It was a cheap out. I got called "sly Lyle" which got slurred into Slyle for a while, then it just became Sly. It simply became what most people who knew me called me. Most of my older friends still use that nick. My nick here and elsewhere is simply a result of my original email addy 15+ years ago. 'Sly' was taken, so I thought slyone, slytwo, slythree, etc. One was available and I took it. It wasn't originally intended to have the double meaning of 'that's one sly person', but it pleasant it can go that way too. :P

There, way more than anyone really cares to know :)

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