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Thanks much. I'm quite proud of them. After a bit of a layoff from performing, I've gotten back in public with them (never stopped playing them, just wasn't gigging). Only recently through an online forum or two have I learned some of the uniqueness of the set I have. The Burgundy Sparkles were dropped by Ludwig a year or so after these were built, so the color is a little extra 'desirable'. For whatever reason, even tho there were fewer four piece sets made than three piece, the four piece set doesn't seem to be as desirable as the three piece in that color.

These are all '68 drums, all but one was delivered with a clear interior. The 12" tom had a white interior. They were put together as a set right at the time Ludwig was stopping the white interiors. If they needed a 12" tom that had a white interior to complete a set where all the rest were clear, then it was used, not a problem. This past summer I finally got around to have the interior stripped by a drum rebuilder. I did lose the date code as a result, but the serial # shows it's genuineness. In the photo in the first post of these, the 12" looks different, but that was due to camera angle and lighting. In person its very well matched to it's mates.

I played the 70s and a lot of the 80s with no reso' heads for the typical 70s dry sound. The single painted interior always seemed odd, but only last year did I decide to finally make it match. Attached are some before images. In the one image with resos, I have no recollection as to why the reso's have been battered, I probably exchanged heads. That was a Valentine's Day dance ('74?) . I was still in high school, probably couldn't afford heads all the way around, so I recycled. Way before recycling was the 'in' thing to do!! LOL

Again, thx for the compliments
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1968 Ludwig Hollywood in Burgundy Sparkle

Roland TDW-20
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