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I never got any "soul" from Peart... and I have listed to everything he's done. The closest thing to "groove" is mystic rhythms and body electric. I also wouldn't call Rush danceable music, and yes, I agree... his playing is on the stiff and robotic side of the spectrum.

To say he plays with soul is kind of stretching the definition. I believe the people who blindly praise are unrealistic about Neils limits and his sound. I know this may shock some fans, but yes, as much as I love Neils work...he has limits.

If someone asked me would I rather play like Peart or Coliauta, I'd opt for Vinnies abilities in a second. Vinnie could play everything Peart can, and then slip over and play megadeth, and then sit in and play big band swing or deep in the pocket. Peart stops at...Peart. His jazz sounds really rigid, like he is channeling Rush into Buddy's music. Doesn't work for me.

that's interesting, 'cause the definition of soul is STILL not defined by any post that leans toward "negatives and "nay-saying". It's obvious that there's a disparity between what drummers we admire and which ones fall short of our impressiveness.

To compare NP with VC, is just a cop-out and unfair to BOTH. They are both "equal" in the genre that they accompany. And to even bring up what one "can do what the other can" is a bit lacking in depth of point.

Look, you like who you like. I'm not gonna dispute that. But anything that's a "bash-like" comment towards NP, really doesn't hold water for a guy that's accomplished what he has, and not warranted.

What I believe is "soul" may not be the same as what someone else feels. Which is simply a difference of opinion.

And I simply agree to disagree with your assertion.

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