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Originally Posted by Anne Beeche View Post
Haha, I bet it's because Neil doesn't play jazz as much as Rush stuff. We've all got something to improve on.

Actually, I think Rush as a whole should get into more jazz & blues, or just something completely different from what they're doing now. If you listen to Vapor Trails (after remastering) and Snakes & Arrows, they're actually pretty tired albums. Your 'older stuff' does NOT count as something completely different, you sillies! (A reference to Alex Lifeson's Guitar Player interview in 2007) They did that back in the Permanent Waves-Grace Under Pressure era, when they realized they couldn't play 'just rock'. What came out of that? Strong reggae influences.

On a similar note, I believe more fans should not be blinded by their love and ignore their idol's mistakes. Rather, a true fan should be a little like a good teacher--they should be able to identify what is wrong with their idol's music and give suggestions to help them improve. There must always be a balance of Love and Reason.
I myself, am aware of these things, I made the comments so that they may aid this thread in a better direction. As I observed, just a few posts ago, it was two guys bantering and shooting across each others bow. And there were too many black and white comments "Hate him/Love him" with nothing in the middle.

I liked some material on vapor trails, S&A is still weak to me, my listening is tentative at best. The last album I really enjoyed was test for echo. I can say though, there are some hard core Rush fans that jumped off the wagon at signals. They didn't accept the change. With me I try to let an album sink in, but with S&A to this day, not much sticks with me after the fact.

Either way, the merits and perceived shortcomings need to be discussed coequally. It's not constructive for either blind praise or rabble-rousers who drop by the thread just to bash. The bashers can be the worst, as they rarely, if ever elaborate other than to say "He's not my cup of tea.".

Rush is supposed to be working on something new. I really wish it would be more raw, on the level of permanent waves. Maybe one last album where they can capture something more concrete and go out in better form, at least to me.
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