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It's been over a year since our friend and forum member Finn Higgins decided to take his own life after a long battle with mental illness. None of us - that is, those of who considered him a friend - knew about the struggle he was undergoing. Only in passing did he ever communicate. On March the 8th (this coming Sunday) will mark the year anniversary of the discovery of his body and the end of the agonising emotional stress that the label 'missing person' can bring; only to be replaced by a deeper sense of loss.

Those of you who did not know Finn, he was a brilliant, brilliant intellect with strong feelings and views, but also a respect for those around him. He wasn't by any means 'perfect'. Sometimes his views caused arguments and disagreements and he was never one to back down from verbal repartee - but such is the spice of life.

I want to urge - as a result of all of this - anybody who has any issues with mental illness; especially depression to seek professional advice. Unfortunately Finn was an all-too-common case of a distinct lack of such help and solace in dark times. I myself have suffered from similar symptoms in the past to a lesser extent and I know what a difference intervention can make. I urge anybody here or anywhere with these feelings and emotional problems to seek help. It will help you, your family and everybody around you and will help put an end to the suffering and raise the light in your life, and theirs.

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